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  Beaches and Ecotours
             25 - 85/person
          these are half to full day tours
(ziplining,beach chairs, horsebackriding- extra fee)
  Discover Havana
     Tours range from 2 to 2.5 hours 

A) Old Havana - Visit restored Old Havana (UNESCO world heritage site)and delight in its history.


B) Classic Car Tour-Go back in time as you tour through the city in a classic car (color of your choice/if available). * 1 hr tour


C) Afro-Cuban Spirituality - Learn about how the mixture of African and Spanish people in Cuba changed their religion.Visit Regla and more.


D) Afro-Cuban History - Lead by a noted historian explore the rich history of the African and Spanish mixture in the island.


E) Modern Havana- Wonder how the Revolution has changed Cuba? Explore modern sites to places that used to be owned by the Mafia and foreign vacationers.


F) Miramar:The Beverly Hills of Cuba

Experience how the other half of Cuba lives as you visit the quivalent of Cuba's Beverly Hills and Fifth Avenue.


G) Hemingway's Havana- Visit Hemingway's favorite places as he enjoyed the essence of Havana. 


H) Hauntings and Romance - A professor of history leads you through this famous place with true tales that seem mythical.


I) Museum Tour : Visit 3 museums of your choice from the Museo de Ron, Museo de Bellas Artes, Museo de la Revolucion, Museo de Danza and more!



A2) Playas del Oeste - A wonderful community beach with a party atmosphere.

B2) Varadero- The most famous beach in Cuba with clear waters and great water sports.Located near international resorts.


C2) Soroa Waterfall and Orchid Garden- Enjoy swimming and relaxing under the waterfall, hike and visit the famous Orchid Garden. 


D2) Vinales - Visit tobacco plantations and learn how those unique Cuban cigars are made.Venture through indigenous caves and see how the first Cubans lived.


E2) Las Terrazas - Enjoy hiking, ziplining, horseback riding through the sweet rivers of Las Terrazas.


F2) Underwater Cuba- Discover Cuba's underwater beauty. Snorkel or scuba. Scuba includes a certification, equipment and your photo/video taken (additional price for scuba). 


        Want to visit other parts of Cuba? Contact us today!

AMP Cuba Ground Tours


Tours must have a minimum of 4 persons to conduct tour. A 15% additional charge is added for tours paid for in Cuba.Tours include a private car service as well as a bilingual guide (no guide for beaches).

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